About me

Rome. Damascus. Beirut

My name is Lorenzo Trombetta and I have twenty-five years of living and working experience in the Middle East.

Since 1998 I have been dealing with contemporary Syria as a scholar (PhD), author and professional journalist.

Damascus, Amman and, later, Beirut have been the privileged places from I have posed myself questions about the complexity of contexts.

For Italian News Agency ANSA and for the leading Italian geopolitical review LiMes I constantly follow both current events and long-term dynamics in the region. For years I have been consulting UN agencies and international organizations operating in Syria and neighboring countries.

I was born in Rome on April 3, 1976. And I currently shuttle between the Middle East and Italy. Further details on the curriculum vitae, work experiences and publications can be found on Academia and on Linkedin.

My last book (Negoziazione e potere in Medio Oriente. Alle radici dei conflitti in Siria e dintorniNegotiation and power in the Middle East. At the roots of conflicts in Syria and the region) inspired the creation of this site.